Photography Services

Portraits / Business Portaits

Whether you are a doctor, entrepeneur, engineer or perhaps a philosopher, you want to leave a lasting impression for generations to come. With quality art lighting we produce exquisite pictures. starting at 80,-

Family portraits

As the old saying goes. You can choose your friends but not your family. A wonderful opportunity to gather the whole family tree to a portrait.

Child portraits

Children are a fresh breeze, they are spontaneous which makes the photoshoot exciting. We can learn a lot from them. As a father I know the pressure that parenting can bring, that’s why I invest a lot of time when photographing younglings. I also include the parents, so that the child feels at ease.

Graduation pictures

Parents proudest moment, when your child has studied relentlessly with a sweat, and now its harvest time. While we photograph the graduate, parents can assist in the process, so it will be more memorable. A quality graduation portrait is a testament that endures a lifetime.

Social Media pictures

Tired of the same lame Facebook, LinkedIn profile picture? Perhaps you are seeking a new job and want to stand out from the crowd. Have no fear, we are here to provide you with a fresh and elegant look that will leave your friends or co-workers speechless. 90,-

Passport pictures

We photograph all passport nationalities and Visas. price 45,-

Wedding studio portrait

In a wedding studio photoshoot, you are always protected from the climate elements. We can photograph something that you have desired since childhood or you can lean back and let the captain steer the vessel. We use quality lighting to give the most unique outcome to each couple. starting at 129,-

Outdoor wedding portrait

When photographing weddings, summer comes to mind. In reality all seasons can be utilized. We always plan in advance the spot and of course take in to account your desires for a perfect photo shoot. All you really need is a pinch of salt and some pepper for a successful outcome.

Wedding reportage

The wedding couple, the priest and the guests are the main protagonists. Everything that happens from start to finish is documented by the photographer, making the hole event more spontaneous. 390,-

Royal wedding package

You’ve decided to spend lavishly, the word budget sounds foreign to your ears. This all-inclusive package is for the determined couple. The package contains two photographers and a makeup artist. We photograph the hole event from Church to the wedding party. The event will also be filmed from all drone angles and a short movie will be included. 990,-

Restauration of old pictures

Pictures from the beginning of the century have strong sentimental value. We restore small, medium and large format negatives to pictures. We also restore old pictures to their former glory.